Bulletin of the Section of Logic 9/2 (1980)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Giovanni SAMBIN, A simpler proof of Sahlqvist's theorem on completeness of modal logics50

  • 2. Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, On the verifiers of disjunction57

  • 3. Kazimiera DYRDA and Tadeusz PRUCNAL, On finitely based consequence determined by a distributive lattice60

  • 4. Jacek HAWRANEK and Jan ZYGMUNT, A theorem on the degree of complexity of some sentential logics68

  • 5. Jacek HAWRANEK, Some examples concerning uniformity and complexity of sentential logics71

  • 6. G.E.HUGHES, Modal logics between S4.2 and S4.373

  • 7. G.E.HUGHES, Some extensions of the Brouwerian logic78

  • 8. Marek PALASINSKI, Some remarks on BCK-algebras85

  • 9. Janusz CZELAKOWSKI, Equivalential logics (I)88

  • 10. Ryszard WOJCICKI, More about referential matrices93