Bulletin of the Section of Logic 9/1 (1980)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, A variety generated by a finite algebra with 2ω subvarieties2

  • 2. Allen HAZEN, Comments on the logic of constructible falsity (strong negation)10

  • 3. Maria NOWAKOWSKA, Verbal copies16

  • 4. Maria NOWAKOWSKA, Structure of concepts23

  • 5. Robert K.MEYER and Steve GIAMBRONE, R+ is contained in T+30

  • 6. Robert K.MEYER, Sentential constants in relevantnimplication33

  • 7. Viktor K.FINN and Revaz GRIGOLIA, Bochvar's algebras and corresponding propositional calculi39

  • 8. George BOOLOS, Omega-consistency and the diamond46