Bulletin of the Section of Logic 8/4 (1979)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Ryszard WOJCICKI, Referential matrix semantics for propositional calculi170

  • 2. Martin W.BUNDER, Paraconsistent combinatory logic177

  • 3. Jacek K.KABZINSKI, On equivalential fragment of the three-valued logic of Lukasiewicz182

  • 4. Marek PALASINSKI and Barbara WOZNIAKOWSKA, On congruence lattices of commutative BCK-algebras188

  • 5. David MILLER, Metric postulates for modular, distributive, and Boolean lattices191

  • 6. Ewa CAPINSKA, On intermediate logics which can be axiomatised by means of implicationless formulas197

  • 7. Ewa CAPINSKA, On standard consequence operations in the implicationless language202