Bulletin of the Section of Logic 7/4 (1978)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Hajnal ANDREKA and Istvan NEMETI, On universal algebraic logic and cylindric algebras152

  • 2. Zbigniew STACHNIAK, Some notes on characteristic consequence operations159

  • 3. W.J. BLOK, On the degree of incompleteness of modal logics (abstract)167

  • 4. Barbara WOZNIAKOWSKA, The representation theorem for the algebras determined by the fragments of infinite-valued logic of Lukasiewicz176

  • 5. Elias H. ALVES, On the decidability of a system of dialectical propositional logic179

  • 6. Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, A note of incompleteness of modal logics with respect to neighbouthood semantics185

  • 7. Carlos LUNGARZO, Topologies on quantum logics induced by the set of states191