Bulletin of the Section of Logic 6/2 (1977)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Leo ESAKIA and Revaz GRIGOLIA, The criterion of Brouwerian and closure algebras to be finitely generated46

  • 2. David MILLER, New axioms for Boolean geometry53

  • 3. Wojciech DZIK and Roman SUSZKO, On distributivity of closure systems64

  • 4. Marek TOKARZ, Deduction theorems for RM and its extensions67

  • 5. Goran SUNDHOLM, A completeness proof for an infinitary tense logic70

  • 6. Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, Degrees of maximality of Lukasiewicz-like sentential calculi74

  • 7. Jerzy J. BLASZCZUK, Remarks on Mn-counterparts of some normal calculi82