Bulletin of the Section of Logic 5/1 (1976)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Bernd DAHN, Neighbourhood semantics and generalized Kripke models2

  • 2. Teresa ZAKRZEWSKA, Some remarks on three-valued implicative sentential calculi9

  • 3. Wieslawa ZANDAROWSKA, The modal system S3 and SCI13

  • 4. Rolf SCHOCK, Complete systems of indexical logic16

  • 5. Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, Classically axiomatizable modal propositional calculi containing the system T of Feys-von Wright20

  • 6. Jerzy CZAJSNER, Characterization of finitely axiomatizable sets on the basis of a system of the propositional calculus25

  • 7. Marian MADUCH, On Lindenbaum's algebras of finite implicational Lukasiewicz's logics29

  • 8. Wojciech BUSZKOWSKI, Undecidability of some logical extensions of Ajdukiewicz-Lambek calculus33