Bulletin of the Section of Logic 46/1-2 (2017)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Janusz CIUCIURA, Preface. Professor Grzegorz Malinowski in Honorem1

  • 2. Ryszard WOJCICKI, Three Doctrines of the Nature of Mathematics (Some Comments of a Knowledge Theorist)11

  • 3. Jan WOLENSKI, Universality of Logic21

  • 4. Alexander S. KARPENKO, Four-Valued Logics BD and DM4: Expansions33

  • 5. Janusz CZELAKOWSKI, Infinite Valued Łukasiewicz Logic47

  • 6. Jan von PLATO, From Gentzen to Jaśkowski and Back: Algorithmic Translation of Derivations Between the Two Main Systems of Natural Deduction65

  • 7. Wojciech BUSZKOWSKI, Involutive Nonassociative Lambek Calculus: Sequent Systems and Complexity75

  • 8. Nobu-Yuki SUZUKI, Some Weak Variants of the Existence and Disjunction Properties in Intermediate Predicate Logics93

  • 9. Andrzej PIETRUSZCZAK, On Theses Without Iterated Modal- ities of Modal Logics Between C1 and S5. Part 1111

  • 10. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Cut Elimination Theorem for Non-Commutative Hypersequent Calculus135