Bulletin of the Section of Logic 44/1-2 (2015)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Wojciech DZIK, Beniamin WROBEL, Unifiability in Relation Algebras and in Products of S51

  • 2. Marcin LAZARZ, Krzysztof SIEMIENCZUK, Note on some Characterization of Distributive Lattices of Finite Length 15

  • 3. Vladimir SHALACK, On Some Applied First-Order Theories which Can be Represented by Definitions19

  • 4. Rohan FRENCH and Lloyd HUMBERSTONE, An Observation Concerning Porte's Rule in Modal Logic25

  • 5. George VOUTSADAKIS, Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic Referential π-Institutions33

  • 6. Andrzej BILAT, Non-Fregean Logics of Analytic Equivalence I53

  • 7. Andrzej BILAT, Non-Fregean Logics of Analytic Equivalence II69

  • 8. G. C. RAO, Venugopalam UNDURTHI, Closure Operators on Complete Almost Distributive Lattices-III81