Bulletin of the Section of Logic 43/1-2 (2014)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Marcelo E. CONIGLIO and Martin FIGALLO , On a Four-Valued Modal Logic with Deductive Implication1

  • 2. Sergey SUDOPLATOV, Models of Cubic Theories19

  • 3. M. LAZARZ and K. SIEMIENCZUK, New Characterization of Skeleton of Finite Distributive Lattice35

  • 4. Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, Kleene Logic and Inference43

  • 5. Tomasz JARMUZEK and Bartosz Jerzy KACZKOWSKI, On Some Logic with a Relation Imposed on Formulae: Tableau System F53

  • 6. Edward NIEZNANSKI, Modal Sense of the Classical Concepts Reason for the Existence of Beings73

  • 7. Alexej PYNKO, Minimal Sequent Calculi for Monotonic Chain Finitely-Valued Logics99

  • 8. Mitio TAKANO, Semantics for Słupecki's System of Syllogistic113