Bulletin of the Section of Logic 43/3-4 (2014)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Maria MANZANO and Manuel A. MARTINS and Antonia HUERTAS, A Semantics for Equational Hybrid Propositional Type Theory121

  • 2. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Contraction Contracted139

  • 3. Kordula SWIETORZECKA, An Argument for the Existence of God by Bolzano. A Formalization with a Distinction between Menge and Inbegriff155

  • 4. Janusz CIUCIURA, Paraconsistent heap. A Hierarchy of mbCn-systems173

  • 5. Piotr KULICKI, A Note on the Adequacy of Jerzy Kalinowski’s K1 Logic183

  • 6. A. V. FIGALLO, E. PICK and S. SAAD, A Representation for Finite Hilbert Algebras191

  • 7. Szymon FRANKOWSKI, About Simulating Polyadic Frames203