Bulletin of the Section of Logic 42/1-2 (2013)details

Table of contents

  • 1. M. Sambasiva RAO, Congruences and Ideals in a Distributive Lattice with Respect to a Derivation1

  • 2. Morteza Moniri and S. Hosein Sajjadi, Regular Cuts in Models of Bounded Arithmetic11

  • 3. Josep Maria Font, Atoms in a Lattice of Theories21

  • 4. Grzegorz DYMEK and Anna KOZANECKA-DYMEK, Pseudo-BCI-Logic33

  • 5. MRUCZEK-NASIENIEWSKA and Marek NASIENIEWSKI, A Segerberg-Like Connection Between Certain Classes of Propositional Logics43

  • 6. Marek NOWAK, On Some Application of the Concept of Residuated Pair of Mappings53

  • 7. Lei-Bo WANG, Closure Extended Double Stone Algebras69

  • 8. Marcin Lazarz, Characterization of Medvedev's Logic by Means of Kubinski's Frames83