Bulletin of the Section of Logic 41/1-2 (2012)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Janis CIRULIS, Orthoposets with Quantifiers1

  • 2. Dolph ULRICH, Single Axiom for Relevant Implication13

  • 3. Rodolfo C. Ertola BIRABEN, On Some Extensions of Intuitionistic Logic17

  • 4. Zofia KOSTRZYCKA, On Interpolation and Hallden-Completeness in NEXT(KTB)23

  • 5. Andrzej PIETRUSZCZAK, Semantical Investigations on Some Weak Modal Logics. Part I33

  • 6. Gemma ROBLES, A Semantical Proof of the Admissibility of the Rule Assertion in Some Relevant and Modal Logics51

  • 7. Szymon Frankowski, Triconsequences61

  • 8. A. V. FIGALLO and G. PELAITAY, Remarks on Heyting Algebras with Tense Operators71

  • 9. Katsumi SASAKI, Transitivity of Finite Models Constructed from Normal Forms for a Modal Logic Containing K475

  • 10. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Cut-Free Hypersequent Calculus for S4.3.89