Bulletin of the Section of Logic 40/1-2 (2011)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Jānis CĪRULIS, Weak Relative Annihilators in Posets1

  • 2. K. DENECKE and N. SARASIT, Products of Tree Languages13

  • 3. Wojciech DZIK, Remarks on Projective Unifiers37

  • 4. Anetta GÓRNICKA, Axiomatization of the Sentential Logic Dual to Sobociński's n - Valued Logic47

  • 5. Joanna GRYGIEL, Products of Skeletons of Finite Distributive Lattices55

  • 6. Adam KOLANY, Changing a Numbering System is Usually Uncomputable63

  • 7. Zofia KOSTRZYCKA, On the Family of Logics Determined by Parasol-Frames69

  • 8. Miroslaw KURKOWSKI, On Some Time Properties of Untimed Propositional Implication83

  • 9. Sergey A. SOLOVYOV, A Note on Nuclei of Quantale Algebras91