Bulletin of the Section of Logic 4/3 (1975)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Roman SUSZKO, Remarks on Lukasiewicz three-valued logic

  • 2. George EPSTEIN, Purposive naming in mathematics

  • 3. Leo ESAKIA and Revaz GRIGOLIA, Christmas trees. On free cyclic algebras in some varieties of closure algebras

  • 4. Jerzy J.BLASZCZUK and Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, Modal systems related to S4n of Sobocinski

  • 5. Cecylia RAUSZER and Bogdan SABALSKI, Notes on the Rasiowa-Sikorski lemma

  • 6. Stanislaw ZACHOROWSKI, A proof of a conjecture of R.Suszko

  • 7. Memed ROGAVA, Cutelimination in SCI

  • 8. George EPSTEIN, Some notes from the Fifth Annual International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic at Indiana University