Bulletin of the Section of Logic 4/2 (1975)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Jerzy PERZANOWSKI, On homogenous fragments of normal modal propositional logics

  • 2. Stephen L. BLOOM, A represantation theorem of standard consequence operation

  • 3. Jerzy J. BLASZCZUK and Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, Remarks on Perzanowski's modal systems

  • 4. Andrzej BIELA, On Lindenbaum's extentions (Part B)

  • 5. Tadeusz PRUCNAL, Structural completeness and the disjunction property of intermediate logics

  • 6. Leon GUMANSKI, A deontic sentential calculus without certain paradoxes of the standard system

  • 7. Daniel R. VANDERVEKEN, An extension of Lesniewski-Curry's formal theory of syntactical categories adequate for the categorially open functors