Bulletin of the Section of Logic 39/3-4 (2010)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Mohamed KHALED and Tarek Sayed AHMED, Vaught's Theorem holds for L2 but fails for Ln when n > 2107

  • 2. Andrzej WIŚNIEWSKI and Jerzy POGONOWSKI, A Note On Diagonalization123

  • 3. Andrew SCHUMANN, Towards Theory of Massive-Parallel Proofs. Cellular Automata Approach133

  • 4. Gábor SÁGI, A Short Proof for the Completeness of Paramodulacion147

  • 5. Ewa GRACZYŃSKA, Dependence Spaces153

  • 6. M. SPINKS and R. VEROFF, Slaney's Logic F** is Constructive Logic with Strong Negation161

  • 7. George WEAVER, Irena PENEV, Simple Expansions of Classes Satisfying Fraenkel-Carnap Properties175

  • 8. A.V. FIGALLO, C. GALLARDO and A. ZILIANI, Weak Implication on Generalized Łukasiewicz Algebras of Order n187

  • 9.  Jacob VOSMAER, A New Version of an Old Modal Incompleteness Theorem199

  • 10. Norihiro KAMIDE, An Embedding-Based Completeness Proof for Nelson's Paraconsistent Logic205