Bulletin of the Section of Logic 39/1-2 (2010)details

Table of contents

  • 1. George WEAVER and Benjamin R. GEORGE, The Fraenkel-Carnap Question for Limited Higher-OrderLanguages1

  • 2. Jānis CĪRULIS, Residuation Subreducts of Pocrigs11

  • 3. Sergey BABENYSHEV and Manuel A. MARTINS, Admissible Equivalence Systems17

  • 4. Alexej P. PYNKO, Gentzen's Cut-Free Calculus Versus the Logic of Paradox35

  • 5. Gábor SÁGI, AbsolutelyUbiquitous Structures and אi0 - Stability43

  • 6. Piotr KULICKI, Hallden Incomplete Calculus of Names53

  • 7. Anna BIEŃ, Cycles in Nielsen's Graphs57

  • 8. Norihiro KAMIDE, Strong Normalization of Program-Indexed Lambda Calculus65

  • 9.  Gemma ROBLES and José M. MÉNDEZ, AxiomatizingS4+ and J+ without the Suffixing, Prefixingand Self-Distribution of the Conditional Axioms79

  • 10. Ewa GRACZYŃSKA, M-Hyperquasi-Identities of Finite Algebras93