Bulletin of the Section of Logic 38/1-2 (2009)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Dolph ULRICH, On Two Open Questions Concerning the Implicational Fragment of R-mingle1

  • 2. George METCLAFE, A Sequent Calculus for Constructive Logic with Strong Negation as a Substructural Logic5

  • 3. George TOURLAKIS, A New Foundation of a Complete Boolean Equational Logic13

  • 4. Mohamed KHALED and Tarek Sayed AHMED, Classes of Algebras that are not Closed under Completions29

  • 5. Marek NASIENIEWSKI and Andrzej PIETRUSZCZAK, New Axiomatizations of the Weakest Regular Modal Logic Defining Jaskowski's Logic D245

  • 6. Henri GALINON, A Note on Generalized Functional Completeness in the Realm of Elementary Logic51

  • 7. Gemma ROBLES and Jose M. MENDEZ, The Basic Constructive Logic for Weak Consistency and the Reductio Axioms61

  • 8. J. Climent VIDAL and J. Soliveres TUR, A Transformation between Institutions Representing the Theorem of Herbrand-Schmidt-Wang77