Bulletin of the Section of Logic 37/3-4 (2008)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Janusz CIUCIURA, Negations in the Adjunctive Discursive Logic143

  • 2. Szymon FRANKOWSKI, Plausible Reasoning Expressed by p-Consequence161

  • 3. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Correspondence Theory in Proof171

  • 4. Krystyna MRUCZEK-NASIENIEWSKA, Marek NASIENIEWSKI, Paraconsitent Logics Obtained by J.Y.Beziau's Method by Means of some Non-Normal Modal Logics185

  • 5. Marek NASIENIEWSKI, Andrzej PIETRUSZCZAK, The Weakest Regular Modal Logic Defining Jaskowski's Logic D2197

  • 6. Maciej NOWICKI, QL-Regular Quantified Modal Logics211

  • 7. Tomasz JARMUZEK, Tableau System for Logic of Categorial Propositions and Decidability223

  • 8. Janusz KACZMAREK, What is a Formalized Ontology Today? An Example of IIC233

  • 9. Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, Fregean Axiom and Many-Valuedness245

  • 10. Edward NIEZNANSKI, Elements of Modal Theodicy253

  • 11. Marek NOWAK, The Logics of Analytic Equivalence265

  • 12. Jan WOLENSKI, Remarks on Identity Across Possible Worlds273