Bulletin of the Section of Logic 35/4 (2006)details

Table of contents

  • 1. A.V. FIGALLO, G. RAMON and S. SAAD, iH-Propositional Calculus157

  • 2. Tarek Sayed AHMED and Basim SAMIR, Neat Embeddings and Amalgamation163

  • 3. David Gracia GARCIA, An Example of a New Kind of Algebraizability173

  • 4. Norihiro KAMIDE, An Equivalence Between Sequent Calculi for Linear-Time Temporal Logic187

  • 5. Haroldo G. BENATTI and Ruy J.G.B. de QUEIROZ, On the Descriptive Complexity of the Two Disjoint Paths Problem Over Undirected Graphs195