Bulletin of the Section of Logic 34/3 (2005)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Hirohiko KUSHIDA, Applicability of Motohashi's Method to Modal Logics121

  • 2. Dolph ULRICH, D-complete Axioms for the Classical Equivalential Calculus135

  • 3. Adam KOLANY, Rado Selection Lemma and Other Combinatorial Statements Uniformly Proved143

  • 4. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Sequent Calculi for Monotonic Modal Logics151

  • 5. Norihiro KAMIDE, Cut-free Single-succedent Systems Revisited165

  • 6. Gemma ROBLES, Francisco SALTO and Jose M. MENDEZ, A Constructive Negation Defined with aNegation Connective for Logics Including Bp+177