Bulletin of the Section of Logic 34/2 (2005)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Haroldo G. BENATTI and Ruy J.G.B.de QUEIROZ, Descriptive Complexity of Modularity Problems on Graphs61

  • 2. Juliana BUENO-SOLER and Walter CARNIELLI, Possible-translations Algebraization for Paraconsistent Logics77

  • 3. V.V. RIMATSKI and Vladimir V.RYBAKOV, A Note on Globally Admissible Inference Rules for Modal and Superintuitionistic Logics93

  • 4. Gemma ROBLES and Jose M. MENDEZ, Relational Ternary Semantics for a Logic Equivalent to Involutive Mondial t-norm Based Logic IMTL101