Bulletin of the Section of Logic 33/1 (2004)details

Table of contents

  • 1. George TOURLAKIS and Francisco KIBEDI, A Modal Extension of First Order Classical Logic, Part II1

  • 2. Katsumi SASAKI and Shigeo OHAMA, A Sequent System of the Logic R- for Rosser Sentences11

  • 3. Alexej P. PYNKO, Sequential Calculi for Many-valued Logics with Equality Determinant23

  • 4. F.A.DORIA and N.C.A.da COSTA, On Set Theory as a Foundation for Computer Science33

  • 5. Szymon FRANKOWSKI, Formalization of a Plausible Inference41

  • 6. Andrei KOUZNETSOV, Deduction Chains and DC-like Decision Procedure for Guarded Logic53