Bulletin of the Section of Logic 32/3 (2003)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Tarek Sayed AHMED, A Confirmation of a Conjecture of Tarski103

  • 2. Janis CIRULIS, (H)-Hilbert Algebras are not same as Hertz Algebras107

  • 3. Mladen VUKOVIC, A Note on Semantics of the Interpretability Logic IL(KW1)109

  • 4. Tarek Sayed AHMED, Omitting Types for Finite Variable Fragments of First Order Logic117

  • 5. Norihiro KAMIDE, A Simplified Semantics for a Fragment of Intuitionistic Linear Logic123

  • 6. Larry WOS, Dolph ULRICH and Branden FITELSON, XCB, the Last of the Shortest Single Axioms for the Classical Equivalential Calculus131

  • 7. Alexej P. PYNKO, A Cut-free Gentzen Calculus with Subformula Property for First-degree Entailments in LC137

  • 8. Piotr LUKOWSKI, Reductive Techniques in Proofs of the Completeness Theorems for the Normal Bimodal Systems147