Bulletin of the Section of Logic 31/1 (2002)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Eugeniusz TOMASZEWSKI, An Algorithm for Finding Finite Axiomatization of Finite Intermediate Logics by Means of Jankov Formulas1

  • 2. Zachary ERNST, Completions of TV-> from H->7

  • 3. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Labelled Analytic Tableaux for S4.315

  • 4. Renate A. SCHMIDT and Dmitry TISHKOVSKY, On Axiomatic Products of PDL and S5: Substitution, Tests and Knowledge27

  • 5. Janusz KACZMAREK, On the Porphyrian Tree Structure and an Operation of Determination37

  • 6. Dorota RYBARKIEWICZ, Is Metaphor an Illocutionary Act?47