Bulletin of the Section of Logic 29/1-2 (2000)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Paulo A.S.VELOSO, On some misconceptions about ultrafilter logic1

  • 2. Vladimir L.VASYUKOV, Implicative logics, sequential deductive systems and exponential multicategories13

  • 3. Tomasz KOWALSKI, A remark on quasivarieties of modal algebras27

  • 4. Ewa GRACZYNSKA, Proofs of tree identities31

  • 5. George TOURLAKIS, A basic formal equational predicate logic - Part I43

  • 6. Janusz CIUCIURA, Intuitionistic discursive system (IDS)57

  • 7. Anna GOMOLINSKA and Justyna K.MYSLINSKA, A note on relationship between the consequence operations Cn' and dCn63