Bulletin of the Section of Logic 28/2 (1999)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Kosta DOSEN, Cut elimination in adjunction61

  • 2. Tadao ISHII, A note on varieties of PCI-algebras with EDPC75

  • 3. Misao NAGAYAMA, A normalization theorem for P-W83

  • 4. Jean-Yves BEZIAU, A sequent calculus Lukasiewicz's three-valued logic based on Suszko's bivalent semantics89

  • 5. Ivo DUNTSCH and Ewa ORLOWSKA, Mixing modal and sufficiency operators99

  • 6. Nobu-Yuki SUZUKI, A remark on super-intuitionistic predicate logics having the same propositional fragment107