Bulletin of the Section of Logic 27/4 (1998)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Kazimiera DYRDA and Irena JANICKA-ZUK, Axiomatization of the logics determined by finite relational systems of natural numbers with identity152

  • 2. Vladimir SOTIROV, Arithmetizations of the syllogistic a la Leibniz156

  • 3. Vladimir V.RYBAKOV, M. TERZILER and C. GENCER, Description of self-admissible quasi-characterizing inference rules164

  • 4. Vladimir V.RYBAKOV and T. ONER, The structure of rigid frames of restricted depth172

  • 5. Eiko ISODA and Tatsuya SHIMURA, Kripke incompleteness of some predicate extensions of modal subframe logics without finite embedding property182

  • 6. Gabor SAGI, A model Theoretic characterization of complexity of theories190

  • 7. Zbigniew STACHNIAK, Reasoning with partial situations196