Bulletin of the Section of Logic 26/3 (1997)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Alexander S. KARPENKO and Vladimir M.POPOV, BCKX is the axiomatization of implicational fragment of Lukasiewicz's infinite-valued logic Lω112

  • 2. M.I. GOLOVANOV, Bimodal propositional logic S52Cn118

  • 3. V.V. RIMATSKIY, Finite bases of admissible inference rules for modal logics of width 2126

  • 4. Sergej MARDAEV, Fixed points of modal negative operators135

  • 5. Judit MADARASZ, Istvan NEMETI and Gabor SAGI, On the finitization problem of relation algebras139

  • 6. Paulo A.S. VELOSO, Characterisations for fork algebras and their relational reducts144

  • 7. Greg RESTALL, Paraconsistent logics!156