Bulletin of the Section of Logic 26/2 (1997)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Julia V. BEZGACHEVA, Admissible rules for temporal logic LinTGrz60

  • 2. Anna WOJTOWICZ, The interpolation, Hallden-completeness, Robinson and Beth properties in modal logics67

  • 3. Stephane DEMRI, Extensions of modal logic S5 preserving NP-completeness73

  • 4. Ivan CHAJDA and Ewa GRACZYNSKA, Jonsson's lemma for regular and nilpotent shifts of pseudovarieties85

  • 5. Zbigniew STACHNIAK, On minimal resolution proof for resolution logics94

  • 6. Marek NOWAK, A general approach to the algebras of unary functions in a Boolean semantics for natural language102