Bulletin of the Section of Logic 26/1 (1997)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Marcelo F. FRIAS and Ewa ORLOWSKA, Equational reasoning in non-classical logics2

  • 2. Adam KOLANY, Representation theorems for hypergraph satisfiability12

  • 3. Paulo A.S. VELOSO, Is fork set-theoretical?20

  • 4. Mauricio Pablo MARLANGEON, Catalizer of binary relations and the fork operator as image of a general disjoint union-function of a cartesian product functions31

  • 5. Stephane DEMRI and Ewa ORLOWSKA, A class of modal logics with a finite model property with respect to the set of M-formulae39

  • 6. R. ZUBER, On negatively restricting Boolean algebras50