Bulletin of the Section of Logic 25/1 (1996)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Krister SEGERBERG, A general framework for the logic of theory change2

  • 2. Konrad TURZYNSKI, Simple sandwiches and related results of Keisler and Kochen9

  • 3. Roman TUZIAK, Paraconsistent extensions of positive logic15

  • 4. Nobu-Yuki SUZUKI, A remark on the delta operation and the Kripke sheaf semantics in super-intuitionistic predicate logic21

  • 5. Istvan NEMETI, Ontology can turn negative results to positive29

  • 6. Wendy MacCAULL, Kripke semantics for logic with BCK41

  • 7. Alexander S. KARPENKO, The class of precomplete Lukasiewicz's many-valued logics and the law of prime numbers generation52

  • 8. Tomasz KOWALSKI, A Perzanowski's hypothesis confirmed58

  • 9. Heinrich WANSING, A new axiomatization of K160