Bulletin of the Section of Logic 24/4 (1995)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Ildiko SAIN and Istvan NEMETI, Fork algebras in usual and in non-well-founded set theories. Part II182

  • 2. Marcelo F.FRIAS, Armando M.HAEBERER and Paulo A.S.VELOSO, A finite axiomatization for fork algebras193

  • 3. Marek NOWAK, The weakest logic of conditional negation201

  • 4. Janusz MACIASZEK and Luis VILLEGAS-FORERO, A note on compositionality in the first order language206

  • 5. Ewa GRACZYNSKA, Pseudovarieties of M-solid algebras215

  • 6. Takao INOUE, Partial interpretations of Lesniewski's epsilon in von Wright-type deontic logics and provability logics223

  • 7. Alexander CHAGROV, A note on expressive power of iteration234

  • 8. George EPSTEIN, A summary of the underlying ground for hypothetical propositions236