Bulletin of the Section of Logic 24/3 (1995)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Pilar DELLUNDE i CLAVE, A finitary I-equivalential logic not finitely equivalential120

  • 2. Josep Maria FONT and Ramon JANSANA, Full models for sentential logic123

  • 3. Javier Vilanova ARIAS, A possible world semantics for conditional logic based on similarity relations132

  • 4. Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, Many-valued referential matrices140

  • 5. Judit MADARASZ, The Craig Interpolation Theorem in multi-modal logics147

  • 6. Antonio M.SETTE and Elias H.ALVES, On the equivalence between two systems of paraconsistent logic155

  • 7. Ildiko SAIN and Istvan NEMETI, Fork algebras in usual and in non-well-founded set theories. Part I158

  • 8. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, A note concerning belief logic169

  • 9. Jacek GEISLER, Classical theories in strong negation logic173

  • 10. Jacek GEISLER, Note on "Conditional negation on the positive logic"178