Bulletin of the Section of Logic 24/1 (1995)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Mamoru KANEKO, Axiomatic considerations of Nash equilibrium6

  • 2. Richard KENNAWAY, Jan-Willem KLOP, Ronan SLEEP and Fer-Jan de VRIES, From finite to infinite lambda calculi13

  • 3. Larisa MAKSIMOWA, On variable separation in modal logics21

  • 4. Andrei MANTSIVODA, The semantics of flang26

  • 5. Aart MIDDELDORP and Hans ZANTEMA, Simple termination of rewrite systems31

  • 6. Vladimir V.RYBAKOV, Even tabular modal logics sometimes do not have independent base for admissible rules37

  • 7. Tatsuya SHIMURA, On completeness of intermediate predicate logics with respect to Kripke semantics41

  • 8. Frank WOLTER, Decidability of tense logics46