Bulletin of the Section of Logic 23/4 (1994)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Janis CIRULIS, Beniaminov Algebras Revised: One More Algebraic Versionof First-order Logic140

  • 2. Takao INOUE, On the Atomic Formula Property of Hartig's Refutation Calculus146

  • 3. Maciej KANDULSKI, Axiomatizations of Commutative and Nonassociative Ajdukiewicz Calculus151

  • 4. S.M. KIM, ω-consistency and Loeb's Theorem158

  • 5. Vladimir L.VASYUKOV, From Ternary to Tetrary?163

  • 6. R. ZUBER, A Note the Logical Dependence of Simple Quantifiers168

  • 7. Andrzej INDRZEJCZAK, Natural Deduction System for Tense Logics173