Bulletin of the Section of Logic 23/3 (1994)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Dolph ULRICH, On the independence of B from I, C, W, K'1 and Karpenko's formula X96

  • 2. Jacek MALINOWSKI, Some theorems on equivalential tense logic98

  • 3. Takahito AOTO and Hiroakira ONO, Non-uniqueness of normal proofs for minimal formulas in implication-conjunction fragment of BCK104

  • 4. Marek MAGDZIAK, Truth as an object113

  • 5. Igor URBAS, A note on "Carnot's logic"118

  • 6. Alexander S. KARPENKO, Sheffer's stroke for prime numbers126

  • 7. Jacek GEISLER and Marek NOWAK, Conditional negation on the positive logic130