Bulletin of the Section of Logic 22/4 (1993)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Jens DIETRICH, CL-monoids of 1-place propositional connectives138

  • 2. Jacek K.KABZINSKI, On the unique axiom of BCII class146

  • 3. Newton C.A.da COSTA, F.A.DORIA, Incomplete satisfiability problems150

  • 4. George F.SCHUMM, Hallden-incomplete modal logics that are not strongly incomplete158

  • 5. Jacek MALINOWSKI, Situational semantics for nonmonotonic logics161

  • 6. Alexander CHAGROV, Four intervals of irreducible logics167

  • 7. Konrad TURZYNSKI, Remarks on Duns Scott's Law169