Bulletin of the Section of Logic 22/1 (1993)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Jean-Yves BEZIAU, On the formalization of the principium rationis sufficientis2

  • 2. Piotr BOROWIK, Many-sequent first order predicate logic4

  • 3. Marek CHUCHRO, A certain conception of rough sets in topological Boolean algebras9

  • 4. Janusz KACZMAREK, A formal interpretation of propositions13

  • 5. Adam KOLANY, Logical aspects of hypergraphs18

  • 6. Piotr LUKOWSKI, Three semantics for Intuitionistic Sentential Calculus with Identity24

  • 7. Katarzyna SLOMCZYNSKA, Representation theorem for equivalential algebras28

  • 8. Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, A question of logic in the philosophy of religion33

  • 9. Andrzej WRONSKI, On the free equivalential algebra with three generators37

  • 10. Ewa ZARNECKA-BIALY, Aristotle's proofs by ecthesis40