Bulletin of the Section of Logic 2/2 (1973)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Stanislaw J.SURMA, The conference on the scientific achivement of Mordchaj Wajsberg

  • 2. Stanislaw J.SURMA, Mordchaj Wajsberg. Life and works

  • 3. Ewa ZARNECKA-BIALY, Wajsberg's algorithm for the classical propositional calculus

  • 4. Teodor STEPIEN, A survey of minor Wajsberg's results concerning fragmentary systems of the classical propositional calculus

  • 5. Jan WOLENSKI, Wajsberg on the first-order predicate calculus for the finite models

  • 6. Stanislaw ZACHOROWSKI, Wajsberg's semantics for the system S5 of Lewis

  • 7. Wladyslaw SZCZECH, Axiomatizability of finite matrices

  • 8. Wojciech SUCHON, Application of the theory of logical matrices in the independence proof

  • 9. Jacek K.KABZINSKI, On problems of definability of propositional connectives

  • 10. Jacek K.KABZINSKI, The Wajsberg's results connected with separability of the intuitionistic propositional logic

  • 11. Pawel BIELAK, The degree of completeness of Godel's logic

  • 12. Stanislaw J.SURMA, A method of the constructions of characterization of Lukasiewiczian logics

  • 13. Czeslaw WOJTKIEWICZ, Axiomatization of finite N-algebras by the method of T.Hosoi

  • 14. Andrzej WRONSKI, The degree of completeness of some fragments of the intuitionistic propositional logic