Bulletin of the Section of Logic 19/4 (1990)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Achille C.VARZI, Complementary sentential logics112

  • 2. Jacek HAWRANEK, A topological interpretation of diagonalizable algebras117

  • 3. Ewa GRACZYNSKA, On some operators on pseudovarieties122

  • 4. Jacek HAWRANEK and Jan ZYGMUNT, Comments on the question of Wolniewicz's128

  • 5. Barbara KLUNDER, Topos based semantics for constructive logic with strong negation133

  • 6. B.MAJCHER, The quarrel theorem - First attempt to the Logic of Lie139

  • 7. Piotr LUKOWSKI, Intuitionistic sentential calculus with classical identity147