Bulletin of the Section of Logic 19/3 (1990)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Tsutomu HOSOI and Katsumi SASAKI, Finite logics and the simple substitution property74

  • 2. Dorota FIJALKOWSKA and Jan FIJALKOWSKI, On theories of non-monotonic consequence operations II79

  • 3. Branislav R.BORICIC, Some modofications of the Godel translation of classical logic into intuitionistic logic84

  • 4. Dolph ULRICH, An integer-valued matrix characteristic for implicational S587

  • 5. Piotr LUKOWSKI, Intuitionistic sentential calculus with identity92

  • 6. Robert K.MEYER, Peirced Clean Through100

  • 7. Tomasz SKURA, On pure refutation formulations of sentential logics102

  • 8. Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, A question about semilattices108