Bulletin of the Section of Logic 19/2 (1990)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Wolfgang RAUTENBERG, Common logic of binary connectives has finite maximality degree (Preliminary report)36

  • 2. Ewa ORLOWSKA, Interpretation of relevant logics in a logic of ternary relations39

  • 3. Tadeusz PRUCNAL, A note on some property of purely implicational propositional calculi49

  • 4. Antonio RODRIGUES, Antoni TORRENS and Ventura VERDU, Lukasiewicz logic and Wajsberg algebras51

  • 5. Marek PALASINSKI, The answers to Dziobiak's question56

  • 6. Tadeusz PRUCNAL, Logics of relational systems58

  • 7. Uwe SCHEFLER, A system of strict entailment FK61

  • 8. Janusz CZELAKOWSKI, Relatively conqruence-distributive subquasivarieties of filtral varieties66