Bulletin of the Section of Logic 18/2 (1989)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Jan FIJALKOWSKI, On theories of non-monotonic consequence operations44

  • 2. Newton C.A.da COSTA and S.FRENCH, A note on temporal logic51

  • 3. A.L.RASTSVETAEV, On monadic logic of recursive programs with parameters57

  • 4. Nobu-Yuki SUZUKI, Intermediate logics characterized by a class of algebraic frames with infinite individual domain63

  • 5. Ildiko SAIN, Amalgamation, epimorphisms and definability properties in algebraic logic72

  • 6. Josep Maria FONT and Ventura VERDU, On the logic of distributive lattices79

  • 7. Wolfgang RAUTENBERG, The common rules of binary connectives are finitely based87