Bulletin of the Section of Logic 17/3-4 (1988)details

Table of contents

  • 1. P.BYSTROV, Tableaux variants of some modal and relevant systems92

  • 2. A.T.ISCHMURATOV, Logic of intensional acts and the theory of games104

  • 3. J.V.IVLEV, A semantics for modal calculi114

  • 4. Alexander S.KARPENKO, Algebraic structure of the truth-values for Lω127

  • 5. N.N.NEPEJVODA, A constructive logic of program schemata on a decidable universe138

  • 6. Vladimir M.POPOV, Paraconsistent sequential calculi148

  • 7. O.F.SEREBRIANNIKOV, Cut-elimination in second order logic159

  • 8. E.A.SIDORENKO, The law of contradiction and paradoxes of inference162

  • 9. Vladimir A.SMIRNOV, Internal and external logic170

  • 10. Vladimir L.VASYUKOV, T-F-toposes for Lukasiewicz's infinite-valued logics182