Bulletin of the Section of Logic 14/4 (1985)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Wojciech ZIELONKA, J.M.Cohen's claim on categorial grammars remins unproved130

  • 2. Janis CIRULIS, The rule of parametric substitution in protothetic134

  • 3. Kosta DOSEN, Higher-order sequent-system for intuitionistic modal logic140

  • 4. Lafayette de MORAES, On discussive set theory144

  • 5. Marek TOKARZ, Goals, results and efficiency of utterances150

  • 6. Antoni TORRENS, On the definability of join by means of polynomials in implicative algebras158

  • 7. Maciej KANDULSKI, Completeness and axiomatizability theorems for the non-associative Lambek syntactic calculus164