Bulletin of the Section of Logic 14/1 (1985)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Zdzislaw DYWAN, On a certain method of producing logical matrices

  • 2. Zdzislaw DYWAN, A new variant of the Godel-Malcev theorem for the classical propositional calculus

  • 3. Tadeusz PRUCNAL, On finitely E-based consequence determined by Wronski's matrix

  • 4. Grzegorz MALINOWSKI, Non-Fregean logic and other formalizations of propositional identity

  • 5. Kazimiera DYRDA, On classification of commutative BCK-logics

  • 6. Teodor STEPIEN, On number of Lindenbaum's oversystems of propositional and predicate calculi

  • 7. Bronislaw TEMBROWSKI, QB and normal algebras