Bulletin of the Section of Logic 13/3 (1984)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Dimiter SKORDEV, On a modal-type language for the predicate calculus111

  • 2. Dimiter VAKARELOV, An application of the Rieger-Nishimura formulas to the intuitionistic modal logics120

  • 3. Jana YANEVA, Logico-semantic aspects of truthfulness125

  • 4. Martin TABAKOV, Godel's theorem in retrospect132

  • 5. Kristjo VAKARELOV, Variations of core semantic techniques and their methodological import137

  • 6. Hristo SMOLENOV, Truthfulness and non-trivial contradiction144

  • 7. Anguel S.STEFANOV, Formal truth and objective truth154

  • 8. Dimiter GINEV, On the typology of the scientific languages165

  • 9. Th.MIKHAILOVA, Meaning - yet another approach173

  • 10. Bogdan DJANKOV, Polysemantic structure and semantic closedness of natural languages188