Bulletin of the Section of Logic 13/2 (1984)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Marek TOKARZ, Towards a formal semiotics44

  • 2. Jacek HAWRANEK, On the degree of matrix complexity50

  • 3. Siegfried GOTTWALD, T-norms and φ-operators as truth functions of many valued connectives55

  • 4. Ingmar PORN, Deontic detachment60

  • 5. Alexander S.KARPENKO, Characterization of prime numbers by Lukasiewicz's many-valued logics64

  • 6. Andrzej BIELA, The program-substitution in algorithmic logic and algorithmic logic with non-deterministic programs69

  • 7. Kazimierz TRZESICKI, Gentzen-style axiomatization of tense logic75

  • 8. Zdzislaw DYWAN, An interpretation of Aristotle's syllogistic and a certain fragment of set theory in propositional calculi85

  • 9. Zdzislaw DYWAN, On Lemmon's interpretations of the connective of necessity92

  • 10. Zdzislaw DYWAN, An interpretation of a certain fragment of arithmetic in some propositional calculus99