Bulletin of the Section of Logic 12/4 (1983)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Krystyna BLACHOWICZ, On certain Leibniz's observation concerning the substantiation of mathematical statements143

  • 2. Wojciech BUSZKOWSKI, Transition from potential to actual infinity via Ackermann's principle148

  • 3. Jacek HAWRANEK and Jan ZYGMUNT, Notes on the semantics for the logic with semi-negation152

  • 4. Stanislaw KRAJEWSKI, Philosophical consequences of Godel's Theorem157

  • 5. Mieczyslaw LUBANSKI, Computer method of demonstration?165

  • 6. Witold MARCISZEWSKI, Logic and experience in the light of dialogic logic173

  • 7. Marcin MOSTOWSKI, On empirical status of logical inferences181

  • 8. Edward NIEZNANSKI, A logic analysis of philosophical arguments based on Leibniz's principle of the sufficient reason of existence188

  • 9. Zdzislaw PAWLAK, Principles of knowledge representation194

  • 10. Marian PRZELECKI, Semantic reasons for ontological statements202

  • 11. L.W.SZCZERBA, Interpretations208

  • 12. Andrzej TRYBULEC, On a system of computer-aided instruction of logic214

  • 13. Jan WOLENSKI, Metamathematics and philosophy221